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Pucón, Chile

Pucon lies between a lake and a volcano with eternal snow. The heart of the Araucaria, millenium tree forest, a land of lakes, rivers, volcanos, caves and hot springs. A magical place where our soul runs free and our imagination expands.


PHASE 2 ~ For the Adventurous You

~ Pucón ~ 4 nights

Pucón is a Spiritual and Magical place, a destination for the outdoor adventurer and pleasure seeker alike. We will continue our journey and work enjoying our time together, sharing and practicing personal growth!

Experinces included:

  • Light trekking to the El Cañi and/or Huerquehue National Park

  • Bathing in the hot spring of Los Pozones

  • Visiting Lake Caburga

  • Light Trekking the Villarica Volcano National Park

  • Visiting local markets (Yes!, a girl needs to shop!)

  • Practice daily Meditation, Ki Gong and Gratitude offerings to the Pachamama (Our Mother Earth)

During these excursions and 'downtime' we will be working with an amazing and beautiful Chilean Healer of women!

Retreat will include all accommodations, meals, transportation within Chile and Spa massage & Hot Tub.

For complete itinerary and pricing, please contact us.

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