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San Alfonso, Cajon del Maipo, Chile

A place where we find peace, solitude and adventure in a natural environment. Our gateway to the Andes Mountains... where our journey to our inner source begins...


PHASE 1 ~ For the Spiritual You

~ San Alfonso, Cajon del Maipo ~ 3 Nights Lodging~ 2 nights Camp in the Mountain

For this part of our Retreat, we will begin our journey of self healing in San Alfonso, Cajon del Maipo, a small town in the foothills of the Andes mountains along the Maipo river where by horseback we will ascend to the higher Mountains and sleep under the stars. Through joyful sharing we will celebrate the Goddess within and spark our Inner Fire to live life fully, as we were meant to do! We will work to heal, expand ourselves and reconnect to our Life Source.

We will become explorers and light warriors ... simply experiencing life from a ‘higher perspective’!

Experiences included:

  • Horseback ride to our mountain camp

  • Waterfall cleansing

  • Sweat Lodge

  • Sunset Hot springs

  • Spa Services

  • and much more

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