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•Private and shared options available.

• It is not possible to visit the Cathedral on Saturday afternoon & all Sunday.

• The Cathedral only be visited in the private option.

• Entrance ticket to Cathedral & Santo Domingo are included.

Half day tour around modern Lima starting Miraflores, the perfect point to enjoy views of the bay and the Pacific Ocean and where it is perfectly combined the modernity of its constructions with the legacy of ancient Peruvian like the pre-Hispanic site of Pucllana (panoramically). Afterwards, we will cross the neighborhood of San Isidro, the financial and commercial heart of the city and where it is also located the pre-Hispanic remains of Huallamarca (panoramically). We will continue our tour heading to Downtown Lima and its more important architectural constructions from the viceroyalty period including the Government Palace and the Cathedral. During the tour, we will visit Santo Domingo – built on XVI century, it was the first temple and convent built by Dominicans in Lima. Its architectural beauty is based on a mix of baroque, rococo, Moorish and gothic styles.

• Private option only

• Entrance ticket to Larco Herrera Museum is included

• The museum opens every day from 09:00 to 22:00 (subject to change)

Half day tour to visit the private collection that belonged to Don Rafael Larco Hoyle which is displayed in a beautiful Republican Mansion built on the foundations of a pre-Inca temple. One there, we will find more than 45,000 pieces of pottery and other hundreds of textiles, metals and stones; and will have exclusive access to its deposits and its famous collection of erotic pottery.

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