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• Private option only.

• Entrance ticket to Tipon, Piquillacta and Andahuaylillas are included.

Today, we will head to the Southern Valley. Along the way, we will enjoy the view of snowcapped mountains while crossing several picturesque Andean towns. We will visit Oropeza where we will find the archaeological complex of Tipon which is the best example of Inca hydraulic engineering. It is formed by different sectors amongst which stands out the terraces, channels and aqueducts which are still in use. Afterwards, we will appreciate the beauty of the Marques de Valleumbrosio mansion, which is without a doubt, the most emblematic colonial house built in this area of the valley. We will continue our tour heading to Piquillacta, an archaeological site that preserves amazing terraces and remains built by the Pre-Inca Culture of Wari and that was also inhabited by the Tiahuanaco and Incas’ people, standing out for its amazing walls that can reach twelve meters high. Finally, we will stop at the town of Andahuaylillas and its beautiful church considered the Sistine Chapel of South America because of the amazing beauty of the frescos that decorate it.

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