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• Private option only.

• Entrance ticket to Pisac complex & Ollantaytambo are included.

• Awanakancha is offered in a complimentary basis.

En route to the Sacred Valley, we will make a short stop at Awanakancha, a community project where we will find the four different South American camels: llama, alpaca, vicuna and guanaco. We will have the chance to interact with them and learn about the ancient techniques still used in the Andes to produce wool and weaving. Once in the Sacred Valley, we will visit the archaeological complex of Pisac, located in the old area of the village. This fortress was built to protect the capital of the Inca Empire. It has one of the most amazing group of terraces in the area, and its walls shelter the complex where we can find storages, houses, bridges amongst others where outstands the Intihuatana or Sun clock carved in a big piece of stone. We will visit the famous market located in the town of Pisac, where the color and flavor of its products perfectly combines with the happiness of its people avid to share their culture with all visitors. At the end, we will visit the final town in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and considered the oldest continuously occupied town in America. We will walk around its narrow streets admiring its houses made of adobe and built over the original Inca foundations. We will also visit the impressive archaeological site and fortress which contains some superb Inca stonework and terracing. This fortress was the site of the battle in 1537 between Inca troops led by Manco Inca and invading Spanish forces commanded by Hernando Pizarro.

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